Tune In

Almost 2 months of this new year has past. So many things have happened so far. Most of them I would be proud and happy in saying I am glad that they had taken place. I see so many of my friends and family achieving great things; inspiring and being inspired in all that they do.

There have been struggles and worry, definitely. Would life not be life without free will and uncertainty? The many things in life that make us disappointed and joyous, go hand-in-hand. Always chasing, always running; it seems that time will stop for no one. And it doesn’t, really.

Upon meeting the people I did over the course of this new year, I have come to appreciate my strengths and weaknesses. As no one is perfect, we all have faults that we share with others, whom can hopefully lift us up when we need it most.

Never to take advantage of those whom lend you a helping hand. But always to pay the hand forward.

A truly beautiful image of purple flowers. There are like these that sway in the wind, following the beating of their own steps, never falling into that of someone else. Unique and special, in their own way. 

purple flowers background-tOKV


The Year of 2014


Another year. Another memoir. Today is the first day of a new year. 2014 has finished. All the stories, the memories, the happiness, the sadness, the tears and the joy; has finally come to an end. With the start of 2015 comes a new year of successes, journeys, missions; paths for us to take. If you think back to the year of 2014, how would you describe it? Would it have been a year of joys of reuniting with family, a year of success with the utmost happiness finally achieved, or the sadness of having failed yet again at something you really wanted? Or that one love who you thought would finally be in your hands, but had to let go off due to circumstances out of your control?

For a large portion of my life, I had thought of love as the driving factor for many decisions and paths I took in life. I felt that because I had found peace and belonging in our Lord, I was to take the view of every and anything in this world with a loving heart. I was to be humble, patient, giving, caring, honest, sincere, and above all, loving in all that I did. At times, I would feel extremely guilty because I often felt that I was not doing enough due to the lack of physical results. However, I had a friend remind me that although tangible successes can be reassuring, the everyday interactions and relationships continually being built upon also help one in bringing fellow Christians closer to GOD.

I hope 2015 will be a year of changes. Changes of being outside of the box, of trying new experiences, of being a new “me” and standing up for what I believe in and doing what I want. But also taking into consideration the consequences of my actions unto others.

I want to become more godly. I want to. Because I believe in the process of becoming more godly, I will inspire fellow brothers and sisters and I will be inspired. GOD has great plans for everyone; this is true I know.

Happy New Years everyone



Hillsong United – Oceans

I think today should be a sharing kind of day. I hope my experience manages to touch at least one fellow reader, friend, or Christian.

This song I believe many have come across ever since it was released last year by Hillsong United. Covered, sung, and loved by many, it is a beautiful interpretation that is dependent on the listener and their past experiences which shape the meaning of the song for them.

I am humble to say that last year, I have had my share of time in darkness. During those months, I did not know whether I would live on or not; whether the Lord decided it was time for me to leave. In those solitary moments I knew God to be present. But with the persistent and constant hurdles and struggles I faced, though it was a confusing and sad time, I believed and knew the Lord was there with me.

I would often wonder whether this was the best life I could have fulfilled before life itself was taken from me. Whether the ending could’ve been different if I had chosen a different university, made different choices, loved and befriended different people, done things differently. Living with regret often permeated me through those times. Regret of not loving enough, forgiving enough, hearing enough, listening enough, praising Him enough, believing in Him enough, serving Him enough, worshipping Him enough… the list was endless.

In the aspect of the professionals and friends and family, though it did not seem as if my outcome would be a positive one, the Lord showed them all that ultimately, the result of life and death was not a choice, it was an outcome decided only by our Lord. 10% of survival meant nothing for those whom had the utmost, boundless, faith in our Lord. We were comforted as in Isaiah 9:1 it is written:

Nevertheless, that time of darkness and despair will not go on forever.

Nothing is impossible for our Lord. He loves and cares for us. He truly does.

I have a friend who I love very dearly. I will always remember these few sentences in her testimony which I’ve come to love and be reminded by. She speaks of a time in her life when she did not know whether our Lord, the Heavenly Father, was true. She spoke of asking the Lord to save her from a tragic accident or from a huge illness, from which she would realize He was real and loved her very much. After what happened to me last year, though I knew before it happened, and especially after the incident, that the Lord was existent and loving, I am glad that my friend had managed to come to know the Lord in her own accord; without the occurrence of any accident or illness.

Often times we believe nothing bad will ever happen to us. Living in such fortunate and healthy conditions, the chance of being diagnosed with a chronic illness or contracting a deadly disease seems impossible. Life is often taken for granted, and it is only when we lose aspects of it such as food, shelter, the ability to speak, run, hear, are we repentant of the unconditional love the Lord has gave us and realize, nothing is forever. Only our love and faith for the Lord will guide us on.




Today I wrote yet another letter. It seems that me and writing letters will never stop. A simple yet caring gesture, asking of how the other is doing, your wishes for them, the problems or happiness in the air all swirling around. I picked up the pen, stopping after every other sentence pondering, what may they think when they read these words of mine? Being almost 4000 km from the people of whom I’ve gotten so used to and come to enjoy the company of, I wonder: when is it that we will meet again? Life is just but a train track, with intersections are various spots, and if coincidently two do meet at a stop, they leave a lasting impression that develops into more.

As this year comes to its end, it makes one think, how has one lived this year? Good, bad, satisfied, regretful, distasteful? So many adjectives to describe these 365 days. Happy; for friends and family. For life.

He is good. Merciful and great to us.