Music Works

I am truly blessed to have been surrounded by music when growing up. I find making music is an art, a skill, a release, and a love. It is one of the few things in life when I feel as if there are no limitations. Although I have never come to be a composer, I am proud of my friend and their accomplishments.

Take a listen if you merely want an upbeat and energetic tune to cheer you up!




Never Waver


Today’s the day where I will recognize that I need to work my butt off to achieve that which I truly want. Nothing rarely comes without effort. And sometimes I forget that little point. We being in a society where things are handed to us so easily with our voice of one command. We need to rid these thoughts and not be so disappointed when failures happen. Instead we mustn’t give up nor be discouraged, but understand, with each fall or trip, we have the power to stand up and walk further with the strength we all presently have within ourselves. Motivate yourselves by seeing that which you desire being presented in front of you after your hard work. And know that you deserve every little bit of it. That is your reward.

Colbie Caillat – Try

Is there anything you feel is imperfect about you? Anything you wish you could change? To swap with someone else? Maybe it’s your green eyes with gold specks. Or those crimson swatches of freckles on your cheeks? What about those highly arched brows that seem to reach endlessly to the sky? Or those untameable curls you inherited from your dear grandmother? We all manage to find imperfections about ourself that we believe must be masked with make-up, perms,concealer, mascara; anything we can get our hands on.

But maybe sometimes we don’t have to try. Don’t have to hide or conceal. Don’t have to stand behind a cover we’ve created for ourselves.

When you’re by yourself, do you like you? For who you are? For what you stand for? For what you believe is to be right? For whom you love and care for? For what you strive for? For what you hope to attain one day?


The tips of Music

Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly doing enough for Him. Is He satisfied with how I am living out my life; given the second chance I was. Am I truly craving Him in everything that I do, in everything I say, in the people I meet, in the words I speak? Can I do more?

My fingers onto those keys; hearing the voices quickly but quietly guide through all the octaves; a sense of empowerment it is. I’m very, very, grateful to the Lord for granting me a pair of hands that can produce beautifully spoken dissonances through the notes on a piece of paper. Reading the curls and dots that each note portrays and translating it through the fluid motions of my fingers pounding up and down on the numerous keys; I’m grateful for this. Although at times life overwhelms me with the dreaded deadlines and written exams, when I am chosen as one to serve with my hands to touch those around me with the wonderfully composed hymns and songs, I am thankful.

I pray that the Lord will continue to watch over those whom serve in their church. May we spread His glory throughout. May He bless each one of us with power and strength to show our faith through all that we may do. May He

open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.
Isaiah 42:7

Blessings to another Sunday!