Friday Bliss

If you would like a tune to pair along with your rainy days:

Hi y’all! Another weekend is hitting us up!

I’m so thankful for this third week of schooling in yet, another new University. I always feel extremely blessed with all the opportunities and doors that the Lord opens for me. Though I may not always feel as if I am at my ‘A’ game, I am glad for all the falls, trips, pushes, and even stumbles that I have managed to skip over.

Today, yet another coincidence. These happen quite often nowadays. Thank the Lord!

My friend has managed to record and is releasing his song next week! I am utterly proud and happy for my friends and their accomplishments.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and joyous Friday afternoon!


Intersectional crossings diminishing

Complaining about things never going your way is never the right way to go. But you really have to consider sometimes, that although however much you may wish for something – it might just never happen. Not because fate doesn’t permit it, nor is it your fault, or his; it just wasn’t meant to be. The only thing that’s left is regret.

Sometimes it’s like everything draws the two together. At other times it’s like they’re on two parallel train tracks that never even greet at intersections – because it’s just deemed impossible.

Love is a mysterious thing. You may fall in love at first sight – is that really considered love though? Or is it more  the “attractiveness” that draws you in?

I wonder, will things ever fall into place like how films and songs portray it to be? Or is it more of taking things into your own hands?

We’ll just never know, will we?

I hope our paths cross again soon. Even if it is merely for that split second.

Tippy-toe love

Tippy-toe love

As you hold the hands of another, many thoughts may run through your mind. Do they understand and value the same things that you do? Or are they overly pretentious with what they let you see? Sometimes we are all so drawn in and overwhelmed with worldly desires that we lose touch of the tangibility of it all; the truth behind what keeps us going. I want to just hold your hand and run, along these tracks, along those peering eyes and pointed fingers; outrun them to some place where wealth and fame are not objects of affection but rather merely existent. Resting and watching is all.