Age of Adaline

This movie was released on April 24, 2015 in theatres across North America. I am usually the one friend to go with when love stories hit theatres. Additionally, this movie featured one of my favourite actresses: therefore, how could I miss out?

Straight up: I thought from watching the many trailers online, this movie would be right up my alley for tragic love comedies. However, it was much too slow for my liking. I believe this movie would be interesting for those whom like the slow shooting of movies and the explanation of every detail that lies behind every character, relationship, and storyline.

There were times when the scientific explanations were not carried out well. And other times when certain characters acted in extremely unusual ways.

However, I do not think I will spoil the movie any further for those whom are planning to watch this film.

To summarize: this movie is for moviegoers whom enjoy rustic and elegant backdrops, costumes, and old-Englishian styles of movie shooting. It is a bit slow at times, but the storyline is appreciative of the romance the 2 main characters share.

Movie Rating: 3.5 stars


Inspiration + Passion = Motivation


La vie n’est bonne qu’à deux choses: à faire des mathématiques et à les professer.

Another 4 months has almost passed of this new/old year. We are approaching midpoint of 2015! I am thankful for all that has happened thus far. The relationships formed, the faith restored and renewed, the thankfulness that comes from living each day.

It is amazing to see those whom have passion within what they do. They hold themselves up with the utmost confidence, love, and care that they have for their work. It just seems as if inspiration radiates off with their every word and step. At times, I wonder if I may one day become one like them. It is amazing what can happen when one puts their mind into it. Not at ease, but under challenging strains, we all can do great things.

I have never truly felt comfortable with the academics. Though many around me may think me to be one of “those” whom fly through academia and take it with a grain of salt, I am one who works hard. Seeing those in their comfort zone of educating what they have accumulated over the years of knowledge, still manages to awestruck me, time and time again.

My rambles do get rather confusing over time. However, the main take-out from this beautiful day of today, is that passion is what drives many to do great things in this world. Don’t let comfort or uncertainty scare you away from doing great things! I hope you will take that next step, no matter how fearful it may be, and be one step closer to your goal.

And above all, no matter where or what you may be doing at this moment, remember our Lord is with you through any and everything. This has been my pillar of strength in all that I do. He is the one who knows after of that before we even knew existed, let us give our worries over to Him.



Charge On!


It is done. All done.

Students of all ages look forward to the day when exams, assignments, tutorials, lectures, and deadlines come to an end. With that day comes freedom; at least for a couple of weeks.

Summer 2014. What a summer. New experiences, new friendships, new self-discoveries. I would not trade this Summer over for anything.

In regards for our VBS camp… I am so very proud! Watching 45 kids learn, dance, sing, rejoice, and praise our God was astounding. For those kids whom this experience was a first to learn about our God, having such devoted and amazing leaders and teachers to explain our God and what he does is good. God is good! Everything turned out great in the end even despite some hiccups in staff scheduling. I can’t wait for next years’ camp!

School-wise, I am satisfied with how I had come about tackling the numerous tasks school brings. Not as uptight as I previously was, but still cared enough to not completely let myself down. I think all of us care about everything to some extent. Can’t wait for next semesters’ classes!

Spiritually, I found I did not put enough time aside to be with my Father. This is a huge flaw that I constantly am angry with myself about. It is slowly getting better as I have more time on my hands now, however, I wish that this could be a consistent even when I have other commitments happening alongside.

To up my time-management is a daunting task as it has never been my forte – but bring it on! In Him, I believe I can do anything.

The Five Purposes of a Purpose-Driven Life


I realize that I don’t spend enough time reading His word and setting time aside to reflect His love and grace throughout each day. That will change. I hope that by the end of these 40 days I will feel a stronger yearning and love for our creator while at the same time, reflect and apply these principles.

Daily Inspiration for the Purpose-Driven Life; let’s begin.

For our time on this earth is short. But we were put here for a reason.

1. Worship: To express and praise our love for Him. To bring Him pleasure, and to fear Him, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for.

2. Fellowship: To be with brothers and sisters and become a family whom lives to spread His glory and gospel throughout the nations.

3. Discipleship: We are placed on earth to become more like Him and show others the grace and mercy God shows us.

4. Ministry: We are God’s workers to do good works; which He has equipped us with the talents and skills to accomplish.

5. Evangelism: We are to spread His gospel to all nations of the earth.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” [Matthew 28:19-20 NIV]

God will shape us. He will make us flourish. We will be blessed and never be thirsty. He is our everlasting God.


The tips of Music

Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly doing enough for Him. Is He satisfied with how I am living out my life; given the second chance I was. Am I truly craving Him in everything that I do, in everything I say, in the people I meet, in the words I speak? Can I do more?

My fingers onto those keys; hearing the voices quickly but quietly guide through all the octaves; a sense of empowerment it is. I’m very, very, grateful to the Lord for granting me a pair of hands that can produce beautifully spoken dissonances through the notes on a piece of paper. Reading the curls and dots that each note portrays and translating it through the fluid motions of my fingers pounding up and down on the numerous keys; I’m grateful for this. Although at times life overwhelms me with the dreaded deadlines and written exams, when I am chosen as one to serve with my hands to touch those around me with the wonderfully composed hymns and songs, I am thankful.

I pray that the Lord will continue to watch over those whom serve in their church. May we spread His glory throughout. May He bless each one of us with power and strength to show our faith through all that we may do. May He

open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.
Isaiah 42:7

Blessings to another Sunday!

You exist in me

is a new song which I’ve discovered on our beloved Youtube website that has virtually every video available in this world. This song makes me reminiscence the first times; the first time we met, we laughed, we worked together, we grew together, and apart, but ultimately coming together again. It really has felt like a dream meeting you. Amongst all the people in this world, I was fortunate enough to meet you in the time that we had together. You brought out sides in me that I never thought existed but was glad in discovering.


Putting Time In

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. Complications, illness, and time were all not in my favour as I lay there. But at the end of the day, I’m very blessed. It was a long ride, but I made it to the end. And it was all in God’s grace. When everything in life is going well, we often forget why we are so “lucky”. We lose sight of Him who made us first. Him who loved us first. Keeping Him centered in life can become difficult at times, but it can be practised and grown with time.

He never gave up on us, and neither should we.

God is good.