The Theory of Everything [Soundtrack]

I have yet to see the movie; the soundtrack I stumbled upon by accident. I hope you enjoy!




The Imitation Game Movie

For some, this movie may seem to be too much of an intellectual and “thinking” – type of film to see with friends or “for fun”. My opinion? This movie makes you think; in a way where you are always on the edge of your seat to want to know what is coming next, what the characters will attempt to do, to be, to want.

The storyline, although not completely representative of the life Alan Turing led, is tied up nicely and portrayed with a delicate yet believable touch.

If you have the time or curiosity to go see this film, please do. It is worth every second. Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley served this movie justice, tenfold.

Matt McAndrew – Wasted Love

I had really loved this song by Matt McAndrew, a finalist on the Season 7 of the television show “The Voice”. He is able to portray raw emotions of intensity, love, lust, sadness, and much, much more, in the songs that he delivers to the audience.

What would it feel like I wonder. If you had believed your love to someone to be true; however you discovered that all the time you put unto them was for nothing. That they had held someone else dear in their heart. And everything that you did for them was useless; because they will always hold you second to someone else.

Wasted love. Is it wasted if at that moment it was truly what you thought would be love that lasted throughout all of eternity. Always and forever.

What If


The original movie title had been coined “What If”, but in theatres throughout North America, it had undergone the name change to “The F Word”. For some, upon first hearing the title may believe it to be implying the swear word, however, in actuality, it is referencing “friend”.

This movie revolves around the friendship of two Torontonians – Wallace & Chantry. After Wallace discovers Chantry has a boyfriend, he decides to not continue the friendship, as he believes nothing will come out of it. However, circumstances bring the two back together, and quickly, the audience is drawn into the depths of the pairs’ instant connection in everything: Fool’s Gold, magnetic word conundrums, Whip Cream.

At parts where it is apparent the love that Chantry and her boyfriend of 5 years share is genuine, you cannot help but also root for Wallace to win over Chantry. It is also apparent that the pair occasionally work to restraint themselves to never cross the limits that are there out of respect for Chantry’s boyfriend.

Sadly, a friendship between a girl and a guy almost always, does hit road bumps.

It is bittersweet sometimes as throughout the movie you can feel the problematic thoughts that Chantry internally faces when she is around Wallace. Questions of following her heart or following her mind. Sticking with what is familiar or trying something new. We all face these dilemmas now and then, but never truly getting a definite answer of whether the choice we make is the correct one or not.

A simple and funny romantic comedy. Does it end happily? Or bittersweetly like many endings as seen before? I think this is a movie that deserves a solid 7/10 and for those new couples, or even for those friends whom are borderline “dealing” but know something more will inevitably emerge – hit the theatres for this Radcliffe-Razan love story, maybe it’ll be the push that opens up something new.

A short clip from the movie on how to make “Fool’s Gold”

The Giver


The Giver, by Lois Lowry. Movie adaptation based on the well-known, well-loved novel was released in theatres August 15th, 2014.

For those whom have read the book in its entirety I feel are at an advantage to those whom go into the theatre exposed to Lowry’s dystopian storyline which encapsulates the characters and us, the audience, in grey and emotionless settings.

Though the storyline may seem strange and out of order for those whom do not have any background on Lowry’s intentions, I found the actors’ and actresses’ acting were spot on. Fionas’ confusion towards those newfound feelings which flood through her as she missed her morning injection. Jonas’ pain and sadness upon feeling pain and suffering. Gabriels’ laughter and happiness upon experiencing love and kindness. Money ultimately can never buy any of these intangible things.

Hello, My Name is – Matthew West

I still remember the first Sunday our church had sang this song together at Service. After Praise & Worship was over, the pastor had jokingly went up and asked “Do you know what your name is now?” There were definitely some chuckles and hoots coming from the audience.

It’s funny. A name is what defines you immediately when you meet someone. Introductions, speeches, greetings – they usually start with: “Hello, my name is _____”. Some love their name, others loathe it.

Honestly, I do not care what my name is. Whether it has 4 letters or 9, 2 syllables or 4 – it has never truly mattered. However, I am proud to say I am a Child of the One True King. Knowing He is my Father, here for me through anything – regretful, sad, happy, joyous times. That is all that truly matters. Not my name, rather who I am to Him.

What love the Father has lavished, upon us that we should be called His children. I am joyous to say that my name is Child of the One True King.

Knowing I am changed and have been set free, delights me beyond anything.

May you all know that our Father in Heaven will always be there with you through anything. Just trust.