Coldplay – Ghost Stories [Art]

Coldplay - Ghost Stories [album art]

I can’t say that we have much fate. But seeing your head bob among the masses of others whom swarm the trains and hallways, I’m filled with tingles. Maybe it’s that lopsided smile which you display only to those whom know you best; I’m lucky I got to see it in that one second before you coyly shied away.
I only wonder at the stories which you have accumulated until now. But like the stars in the sky, they disappear without any trace of ever having been.


Nighttime wonders


Nights are where I seem to have the most to say, because I’ve collected thoughts throughout the course of the day. Sometimes I wonder, what if I hadn’t been born as me? What if I had been born as someone else, somewhere else in this world. Would I have met the people that I have? Would I have done the things I’ve done? Would I be happier? Or not quite as? There are so many “what-ifs” in this world that I’ve grown accustomed to not wishing for any over-dos.

To be honest, I’m content; very, for everything that has happened. Either if it had been happy, sad, overwhelming, regretful, or even tiring and wishing I could forget that moment entirely. But sometimes it’s the fact that we are humans, and not having everything that we wish for to happen that makes us different; more special. We have to remember the memories of our past, continue that which we are doing in the present, and look towards the future.

It’s these times at night that I look toward the stars and somehow see a map of how my future will look. I always have the feeling that it will be “bright, unknown, and overlapping with many that I love and will love”.

I hope you all have a wonderful night. Tuck in and pull those dreams that much closer.

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