Taylor Swift – Riptide [Vance Joy]

“This cowboy’s running from himself, and she’s been living on the highest shelf.”

I have never truly embraced Taylor Swift’s songs as I am one who does not like the “poppy” music that everyone else seems to be so into. I want grit. I want soul. I need something that you came up with when you were immersed in inspiration, when you felt beauty, love, care, and understanding, all at the same time.

Swift had caught my attention and kept it with this song she so beautifully covered.

Will you please continue doing these, heart-wrenching, endearing covers?




Silence is cherished, silence is feared. Silence can steal your breath, and it can heat your heart. The cruelty of silence can distort and maim a soul forever, or fill in the gaps between two that times has left behind. Silence speaks its own concise, powerful language, and to those who do not play with this language, emptiness is all that rings in a silent moment.



On days when one may feel like the laziest person on Earth, not wanting to leave their couch potato haven, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym! I find that with exercising one feels brighter, happier, and maybe even more refreshed, like they just ran and won a marathon (literally). Sometimes scrolling through the news feed I see funny pictures of other friends’ dreaded visits to the gym ending in updates of “Wish I never set foot in that place!…”

True, working out and sweating may not be the most pleasant things to do (especially if compared with consuming delicious pasta carbs or exquisite dinners) but we’ve heard this mantra many times over and over again: exercise keeps you young and healthy.

An interesting read of a study done by a professor of pediatrics at the University of Hamilton in Ontario describes how exercising does indeed slow the growth of aging in mammals (yes, we are mammals).

I was never really a fan of exercising. Sure, getting to classes and commuting all required walking, which I thought was enough to fulfill the daily need of exercising, but now that I think back, we’re only young once; we ain’t getting any younger. Might as well use the full capability that our muscles and strength can withhold now, improve and build upon them so that when we do get older, we don’t have to cringe at the very sight of a flight of stairs (joke!).

Hope everyone’s having a blessed day, I truly wish you all the best.