Love grows

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Sometimes when I look at you and see you smiling, it’s like strings tug at my face to reciprocate that smile. And then I wonder, within this world of where people you meet come and go like the pennies you flip into a fountain hoping for wishes to come true, what is the possibility that you can meet someone that can do that to you everyday and more? Is a lifetime of loving someone possible? Or will they eventually leave you because

people change, feelings change. Although it doesn’t mean that the love you once shared wasn’t true and real, it does mean that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart. 

And this may happen all within the span of 500 days. The reality of this happening to him and many others, is something I can never truly understand, in the face of what we call true love.


time to pass

With so much time on my hands now, I wonder what to do with it all. Just this time last year I was scrambling to get through a term’s worth of notes, assignments, past exams, vocabulary; anything that could help when the final exam would be placed in front of me. The worries and stress of last year seem so far away now. We never know where we’re going to be next, who we’ll be with, what we will be. But it’s the uncertainty of it all that propels us to want to organize everything hoping it’ll become swell and perfect. Perfection – something unattainable yet desired by many. But it’s okay, our creator accepts us for who we are, for what we’ve done. We’re forgiven.

Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God
Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
Incomparable, unchangeable

He who knows the stars by name loves us, He who created us in his image, loves us greatly.



Maybe you’ve been at this point in your life before. You aren’t really sure where you’re headed, whether it’s even in the right direction, or should you be backing up, and reversing to another destination. That’s the funny thing about life. It’s the mysteries and uncertainties that make life interesting. Possibly along the way you collect regrets and failures, but do they really matter? To some, failures are a setback. Regrets make us second guess ourselves. And the thing that we thought we were so certain about, becomes like a soft mist. We’re walking through it, but at what? We know we have to continue, but for what? We want to reach the end, but why?

Sometimes we just need to trust in ourselves. Believe that we’ve started it one way, and will eventually find an exit through the other door. Hilariously, we can laugh at ourselves and the trips and stumbles along the way. Don’t find shame in being slow, in being unsure, in being seen as unrealistic. Life’s life. Be like that one fish that never stops swimming, that one bird that never stops migrating home. Be you, but be strong and curious.