What You Remind Me Of

“I saw you as a nice and pretty girl”.

It’s funny how sometimes what others say, can have an enormous impact on you.

I remember the first time I met you. You came, as if the wind had blown you in. Hair was disheveled, with a lopsided scowl on your face. You did not seem as if you wanted to be there; but were instead forced to.

Your voice is young. The words you use were coarse, but truthful. You encouraged us to try our best. And when the time approached – you disappeared just a few seconds tad of early.

I wanted you to be mine. I was glad, because I had you with me. I didn’t see much of anything, except through the eyes of you.

But sometimes, what we forget is that love is Him. He gave us everything in exchange for our love. But we didn’t carry through. And yet, time and time again, He forgives. He forgives because He loves us enough; and even more.

I believe I am weak when it comes to lust. I am weak when it involves my emotional side in taking over the logical side of myself. I miss you when I am happy. I miss you when I am sad. And I especially miss you when I am lonely.

But why depend on earthly beings to satisfy our loneliness, lack of happiness, and fill the void of our sadness? Humans at times, can be too in touch with their emotional lack of fulfillment – to the point of where they forget where they came from; of what love is. Who it is.

A prosodiac. A coffee addict. How opposite they can be.

A new beginning.


Music Works


I am truly blessed to have been surrounded by music when growing up. I find making music is an art, a skill, a release, and a love. It is one of the few things in life when I feel as if there are no limitations. Although I have never come to be a composer, I am proud of my friend and their accomplishments.

Take a listen if you merely want an upbeat and energetic tune to cheer you up!



Tune In

Almost 2 months of this new year has past. So many things have happened so far. Most of them I would be proud and happy in saying I am glad that they had taken place. I see so many of my friends and family achieving great things; inspiring and being inspired in all that they do.

There have been struggles and worry, definitely. Would life not be life without free will and uncertainty? The many things in life that make us disappointed and joyous, go hand-in-hand. Always chasing, always running; it seems that time will stop for no one. And it doesn’t, really.

Upon meeting the people I did over the course of this new year, I have come to appreciate my strengths and weaknesses. As no one is perfect, we all have faults that we share with others, whom can hopefully lift us up when we need it most.

Never to take advantage of those whom lend you a helping hand. But always to pay the hand forward.

A truly beautiful image of purple flowers. There are like these that sway in the wind, following the beating of their own steps, never falling into that of someone else. Unique and special, in their own way. 

purple flowers background-tOKV

The Year of 2014


Another year. Another memoir. Today is the first day of a new year. 2014 has finished. All the stories, the memories, the happiness, the sadness, the tears and the joy; has finally come to an end. With the start of 2015 comes a new year of successes, journeys, missions; paths for us to take. If you think back to the year of 2014, how would you describe it? Would it have been a year of joys of reuniting with family, a year of success with the utmost happiness finally achieved, or the sadness of having failed yet again at something you really wanted? Or that one love who you thought would finally be in your hands, but had to let go off due to circumstances out of your control?

For a large portion of my life, I had thought of love as the driving factor for many decisions and paths I took in life. I felt that because I had found peace and belonging in our Lord, I was to take the view of every and anything in this world with a loving heart. I was to be humble, patient, giving, caring, honest, sincere, and above all, loving in all that I did. At times, I would feel extremely guilty because I often felt that I was not doing enough due to the lack of physical results. However, I had a friend remind me that although tangible successes can be reassuring, the everyday interactions and relationships continually being built upon also help one in bringing fellow Christians closer to GOD.

I hope 2015 will be a year of changes. Changes of being outside of the box, of trying new experiences, of being a new “me” and standing up for what I believe in and doing what I want. But also taking into consideration the consequences of my actions unto others.

I want to become more godly. I want to. Because I believe in the process of becoming more godly, I will inspire fellow brothers and sisters and I will be inspired. GOD has great plans for everyone; this is true I know.

Happy New Years everyone



Give Thanks

Life can be really hectic; at instances where you may expect it the least. However busy I may get, I still stop and give thanks. Why? Because without Him, we wouldn’t be here at all. Healthy and strong, striving to put away each day with the utmost satisfaction and pleasure we can hope to obtain.

In one month, my world had been turned upside down. From the peace and calmness of tranquility I had been so used to for the past six months, deadlines and perfection to succeed had replaced it. But it also brought a sense of belonging and drive that I had been so dearly missing ever since that day which brought stagnant objectives.

I hope to be able to somehow balance life, love, friendships, happiness, thankfulness, and joy to those around me. Including those whom I only get a glimpse of as I pass them by on my commute home, or through the halls. You never know, even a friendly wave could brighten someone’s day when they’re feeling the lowest of lows.

I give thanks, because He provided. I give thanks, because He deserves our acknowledgement. I give thanks, because of each passing day being a reality. I give thanks, because He is always there. I give thanks, because I can.

I give thanks.

time to pass

With so much time on my hands now, I wonder what to do with it all. Just this time last year I was scrambling to get through a term’s worth of notes, assignments, past exams, vocabulary; anything that could help when the final exam would be placed in front of me. The worries and stress of last year seem so far away now. We never know where we’re going to be next, who we’ll be with, what we will be. But it’s the uncertainty of it all that propels us to want to organize everything hoping it’ll become swell and perfect. Perfection – something unattainable yet desired by many. But it’s okay, our creator accepts us for who we are, for what we’ve done. We’re forgiven.

Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God
Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
Incomparable, unchangeable

He who knows the stars by name loves us, He who created us in his image, loves us greatly.