God My Saviour

I have found another song in which I was moved to tears. I have at times, when I come before our Lord – felt ashamed, guilty, lost, confused, and a whole array of emotions in which I feel unworthy to stand before Him. It is not that I have committed a slew of sins, but rather that I have kept him in the background of some of my decisions; rather than the forefront in which we should aim for.

He is my favourite. In this world and in the Heavens. I cannot dream of spending eternity with anyone else. But what is it about certain people I meet in my time here on earth where they captivate me to such lengths, that I become someone else. A different person in my values, beliefs, words, actions – in that instant, I have become someone else. Mostly, it is for the worse, and not for the better.

I know I am to keep our Father as my compass. As the True North for whatever it is that I decide to take on – He knows what is right. Because he sees and is the will, the way, my everything.

But I am thankful. For in the times of when I was at my lowest, I have met people whom God has put into my life to shepherd me and my decisions. They have given me honest thoughts and words that I only gather confidence and wisdom from. And I know it was because of Him, that I was to meet them at that time. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. And I have come to realize, life cannot only be filled with happy moments – because without those lows, we cannot truly put our faith to works, in overcoming obstacles, challenges, despair, and hurt.

Help me O Lord, to take whatever wounds or hurts I may have in life, and just lower them into your hands. Help me to not fret, worry, cry, frustrate – because those are all useless, when you are the one who holds what is to come, in just the pinky of your hands.

I thank the Lord for being there for me when I needed Him most. And to help me realize that in those moments when I am weary and tired, He is there comforting me to see – all that He has prepared for me, if I am to open my eyes and see.

His love on the line for us – day by day He is there and guiding us patiently with his mercy, grace, humbleness, and beautiful and whole, love.


Friday Bliss

If you would like a tune to pair along with your rainy days:

Hi y’all! Another weekend is hitting us up!

I’m so thankful for this third week of schooling in yet, another new University. I always feel extremely blessed with all the opportunities and doors that the Lord opens for me. Though I may not always feel as if I am at my ‘A’ game, I am glad for all the falls, trips, pushes, and even stumbles that I have managed to skip over.

Today, yet another coincidence. These happen quite often nowadays. Thank the Lord!

My friend has managed to record and is releasing his song next week! I am utterly proud and happy for my friends and their accomplishments.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and joyous Friday afternoon!

Music Works


I am truly blessed to have been surrounded by music when growing up. I find making music is an art, a skill, a release, and a love. It is one of the few things in life when I feel as if there are no limitations. Although I have never come to be a composer, I am proud of my friend and their accomplishments.

Take a listen if you merely want an upbeat and energetic tune to cheer you up!



Kris Allen – Lost

This song is so dark and haunting; so raw and sad.

Are you lost now? Do you know where you’re heading? Does anyone know or care about what you do?

When I was lost, I didn’t think I would be able to find my way home. Home to those whom loved and cared for me. Whom wanted the best for me. To conquer this which I didn’t think I would have the strength to.

He will place His will for you to find. And when you do, you will rejoice. With everything you’ve got.

Taylor Swift – Riptide [Vance Joy]

“This cowboy’s running from himself, and she’s been living on the highest shelf.”

I have never truly embraced Taylor Swift’s songs as I am one who does not like the “poppy” music that everyone else seems to be so into. I want grit. I want soul. I need something that you came up with when you were immersed in inspiration, when you felt beauty, love, care, and understanding, all at the same time.

Swift had caught my attention and kept it with this song she so beautifully covered.

Will you please continue doing these, heart-wrenching, endearing covers?

It Happens All the Time

Sung by an artist that started in a small town and is slowly journeying to the big billboards.

Swirling out of control with busy schedules and overlapping appointments, these past few weeks have truly been hectic. But thankfully, a close support system has helped and kept me going. Be grateful for those whom encourage and motivate you to keep climbing, to keep striving, to keep reaching. Never settling for “okay” is impossible for some.

We all have dreams and wishes we hope will come true. Knowing that no one can help you achieve them but yourself is important in being one step closer.

Let’s finish this summer strong alright? My directing position starts in T-minus 2 days but I believe He will give me the strength, grace, compassion, care, and love to make it as successful as possible. LET’S GO TEAM 🙂

Happy blessings!


The tips of Music

Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly doing enough for Him. Is He satisfied with how I am living out my life; given the second chance I was. Am I truly craving Him in everything that I do, in everything I say, in the people I meet, in the words I speak? Can I do more?

My fingers onto those keys; hearing the voices quickly but quietly guide through all the octaves; a sense of empowerment it is. I’m very, very, grateful to the Lord for granting me a pair of hands that can produce beautifully spoken dissonances through the notes on a piece of paper. Reading the curls and dots that each note portrays and translating it through the fluid motions of my fingers pounding up and down on the numerous keys; I’m grateful for this. Although at times life overwhelms me with the dreaded deadlines and written exams, when I am chosen as one to serve with my hands to touch those around me with the wonderfully composed hymns and songs, I am thankful.

I pray that the Lord will continue to watch over those whom serve in their church. May we spread His glory throughout. May He bless each one of us with power and strength to show our faith through all that we may do. May He

open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.
Isaiah 42:7

Blessings to another Sunday!