Matt McAndrew – Wasted Love

I had really loved this song by Matt McAndrew, a finalist on the Season 7 of the television show “The Voice”. He is able to portray raw emotions of intensity, love, lust, sadness, and much, much more, in the songs that he delivers to the audience.

What would it feel like I wonder. If you had believed your love to someone to be true; however you discovered that all the time you put unto them was for nothing. That they had held someone else dear in their heart. And everything that you did for them was useless; because they will always hold you second to someone else.

Wasted love. Is it wasted if at that moment it was truly what you thought would be love that lasted throughout all of eternity. Always and forever.


Hello, My Name is – Matthew West

I still remember the first Sunday our church had sang this song together at Service. After Praise & Worship was over, the pastor had jokingly went up and asked “Do you know what your name is now?” There were definitely some chuckles and hoots coming from the audience.

It’s funny. A name is what defines you immediately when you meet someone. Introductions, speeches, greetings – they usually start with: “Hello, my name is _____”. Some love their name, others loathe it.

Honestly, I do not care what my name is. Whether it has 4 letters or 9, 2 syllables or 4 – it has never truly mattered. However, I am proud to say I am a Child of the One True King. Knowing He is my Father, here for me through anything – regretful, sad, happy, joyous times. That is all that truly matters. Not my name, rather who I am to Him.

What love the Father has lavished, upon us that we should be called His children. I am joyous to say that my name is Child of the One True King.

Knowing I am changed and have been set free, delights me beyond anything.

May you all know that our Father in Heaven will always be there with you through anything. Just trust.



Do not worry

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

[ Matthew 6:34 ]


Hope this brings about peace for some. I tend to be more worrisome than the average person, but sometimes we just need to know to let go and place it in the Lord’s hands.