A Breather to Rejoice


It’s truly been too long of a time that I’ve shared my words. Too much has happened in this past while; I think even writing a novel would not capture everything in its entirety. The whirlwinds, the ups-and-downs, the happinesses and joyousness, the sadness and trembles of not getting what one wants. The list could be forever long; to the end of the yellow brick road. Having this time to take a breather is wonderful. I think I don’t give myself enough space to just do what I want. Many times, I bound myself with deadlines, timelines, due dates, appointments, and much, much more.

This picture of a silent yet graceful town lit up my eyes when I came across it. No people are in sight, but the festivity of the lights and all the colours, the beautiful colours; they just signal happiness, cheer, and joy, to me. Christmas is yet, almost upon us once again. This time last year, I was bound by a much different lifestyle. Submerging myself in silence, smiling meekly at that which made me laugh and oh so shy, nodding along to my own musical wavelength. These 365 days had me revert somewhat back to the person I once was. Laughing uncontrollably at moments, but also cherishing the beauty of silence, and the truth behind words unspoken.

Being thankful. Being considerate. Being quiet, yet understanding. Being kind. Being sincere. Being humble. Being loving. There are yet so many characteristics that embody how godly our God is. I am only one step on this path that I wish to hopefully achieve with my time here. It was supposed to be cut short. But the Lord let me continue on. Taking the steps I wanted. Walking the paths I desired so. Touching the hearts of those whom I never thought I would.

December. Rather, the celebration of our Lord, Saviour, and King. These times, so miraculous, merciful, and graceful. Belong all to him.


Hillsong United – Oceans

I think today should be a sharing kind of day. I hope my experience manages to touch at least one fellow reader, friend, or Christian.

This song I believe many have come across ever since it was released last year by Hillsong United. Covered, sung, and loved by many, it is a beautiful interpretation that is dependent on the listener and their past experiences which shape the meaning of the song for them.

I am humble to say that last year, I have had my share of time in darkness. During those months, I did not know whether I would live on or not; whether the Lord decided it was time for me to leave. In those solitary moments I knew God to be present. But with the persistent and constant hurdles and struggles I faced, though it was a confusing and sad time, I believed and knew the Lord was there with me.

I would often wonder whether this was the best life I could have fulfilled before life itself was taken from me. Whether the ending could’ve been different if I had chosen a different university, made different choices, loved and befriended different people, done things differently. Living with regret often permeated me through those times. Regret of not loving enough, forgiving enough, hearing enough, listening enough, praising Him enough, believing in Him enough, serving Him enough, worshipping Him enough… the list was endless.

In the aspect of the professionals and friends and family, though it did not seem as if my outcome would be a positive one, the Lord showed them all that ultimately, the result of life and death was not a choice, it was an outcome decided only by our Lord. 10% of survival meant nothing for those whom had the utmost, boundless, faith in our Lord. We were comforted as in Isaiah 9:1 it is written:

Nevertheless, that time of darkness and despair will not go on forever.

Nothing is impossible for our Lord. He loves and cares for us. He truly does.

I have a friend who I love very dearly. I will always remember these few sentences in her testimony which I’ve come to love and be reminded by. She speaks of a time in her life when she did not know whether our Lord, the Heavenly Father, was true. She spoke of asking the Lord to save her from a tragic accident or from a huge illness, from which she would realize He was real and loved her very much. After what happened to me last year, though I knew before it happened, and especially after the incident, that the Lord was existent and loving, I am glad that my friend had managed to come to know the Lord in her own accord; without the occurrence of any accident or illness.

Often times we believe nothing bad will ever happen to us. Living in such fortunate and healthy conditions, the chance of being diagnosed with a chronic illness or contracting a deadly disease seems impossible. Life is often taken for granted, and it is only when we lose aspects of it such as food, shelter, the ability to speak, run, hear, are we repentant of the unconditional love the Lord has gave us and realize, nothing is forever. Only our love and faith for the Lord will guide us on.



The Five Purposes of a Purpose-Driven Life


I realize that I don’t spend enough time reading His word and setting time aside to reflect His love and grace throughout each day. That will change. I hope that by the end of these 40 days I will feel a stronger yearning and love for our creator while at the same time, reflect and apply these principles.

Daily Inspiration for the Purpose-Driven Life; let’s begin.

For our time on this earth is short. But we were put here for a reason.

1. Worship: To express and praise our love for Him. To bring Him pleasure, and to fear Him, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for.

2. Fellowship: To be with brothers and sisters and become a family whom lives to spread His glory and gospel throughout the nations.

3. Discipleship: We are placed on earth to become more like Him and show others the grace and mercy God shows us.

4. Ministry: We are God’s workers to do good works; which He has equipped us with the talents and skills to accomplish.

5. Evangelism: We are to spread His gospel to all nations of the earth.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” [Matthew 28:19-20 NIV]

God will shape us. He will make us flourish. We will be blessed and never be thirsty. He is our everlasting God.


You know that feeling when you’re searching and searching for that one thing, and when you think you’ve almost got it in your hands, it manages to slip away; leaving you more down than if you had never been given that initial opportunity in that first place? I’ve went through that endless cycle a few times, but thanks to the Lord’s grace, I’ve managed to finally solve this problem once and for all, which I’m super, super thankful for.

I’ve never really liked the feeling of being indebted to people. Sure, lending a hand and helping others is in my nature, so I don’t mind it if it’s coming from me; but to others? I could compare that feeling of a fish being hooked and just dangling there until someone comes along and saves it.

tumblr_l89v5swh8m1qcbopio1_500 (1)

Luckily with problems, there often comes solutions; and sometimes in a place where you would’ve never expected to find it. Life has many great mysteries, adventures, falling-outs; and sometimes it just takes a little (or a lot!) of time, paired with patience of course.

And thus I leave you with a verse [Isaiah 9:11] that pretty much sums up this long, thankful post:

Nevertheless, that time of darkness will not go on forever.

Do not worry

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

[ Matthew 6:34 ]


Hope this brings about peace for some. I tend to be more worrisome than the average person, but sometimes we just need to know to let go and place it in the Lord’s hands.


Praise, Praise, Praise!

Praise! Praise! Praise to the Lord, our great Creator! He who made all, who breathed life into us, who formed us from the dust on the ground beneath our soils to living, walking creatures. Oh, He is great. Prayers are always heard when spoken to our Lord. He hears us and though sometimes it may seem as if we are alone, we are not; He is with us through any and everything. Especially demonstrated through the praise-worthy poem “Footsteps”, it illustrates that we are never alone, the Lord walks with us through every hardship and struggle we have in life. 

I thank the Lord. He has made my voice just that notch louder today. Though it still isn’t my original voice, seeing progress as my voice slowly returns is an amazing thing to witness. Our Lord’s great power towards restoring my voice to speak in this world. 

Never take for granted anything in life. It was never yours to begin with. Our Lord gave it to us, but he can also take it away any second. The next step you take you may end up on the ground, clutching for your next breath, wondering how it had come down to this. But our Lord is merciless, he has grace, he is love. 

Even through unimaginable circumstances he is there with us. It is our faith in Him that saves us. Be thankful for all that you have. Don’t waver in your faith for Him. Be proud that you are a child of this great and almighty God. 

He is love. Let me learn to become the child whom he has paved my path to go with this life. Let me lower my burdens and worries unto Him. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34.

May we remember to keep Him as the focal point of our lives, striving to do all that please Him and to help others along their journey in getting to know and love Him deeply.