Broken Fences – Simplicity

Simplicity was what I had dreamed and sought after, but when achieved, that bittersweet taste doesn’t seem that beautiful.

We never know where we may be tomorrow, in a week, in a month, in a year. We never know.

Haven’t you ever wished you could just have anything you want? Whoever you want in this world, just to be by your side, to be yours?

I once had someone who I never thought I would meet, right by my side. He was intelligent, humorous, serious at the right times, sarcastic when it was just perfect. Outwardly he would scowl or smirk whenever he wanted. But when he smiled. It truly was a gem. His smile lit up whoever was around. It was contagious.

For that 1 year he was mine.

To be around him, I felt blessed. Even though he wasn’t exclusively mine, I gave thanks for our fateful encounter. I believe that it was raw fate that spun our paths together.

Is it not dreadful though? To have tasted and felt perfection; you would never imagine it to end because at that moment it didn’t seem to have a finish line.

Distances really do separate two people. Goals do pull the limits of two, far, far away. Spun around this globe that we live on a million times and more.

When will I see you again? In front of me. Smiling that lopsided grin at me. Laughing at my horribly stitched up jokes and stories.

Won’t you come back?





Maybe you’ve been at this point in your life before. You aren’t really sure where you’re headed, whether it’s even in the right direction, or should you be backing up, and reversing to another destination. That’s the funny thing about life. It’s the mysteries and uncertainties that make life interesting. Possibly along the way you collect regrets and failures, but do they really matter? To some, failures are a setback. Regrets make us second guess ourselves. And the thing that we thought we were so certain about, becomes like a soft mist. We’re walking through it, but at what? We know we have to continue, but for what? We want to reach the end, but why?

Sometimes we just need to trust in ourselves. Believe that we’ve started it one way, and will eventually find an exit through the other door. Hilariously, we can laugh at ourselves and the trips and stumbles along the way. Don’t find shame in being slow, in being unsure, in being seen as unrealistic. Life’s life. Be like that one fish that never stops swimming, that one bird that never stops migrating home. Be you, but be strong and curious.