Hello, My Name is – Matthew West

I still remember the first Sunday our church had sang this song together at Service. After Praise & Worship was over, the pastor had jokingly went up and asked “Do you know what your name is now?” There were definitely some chuckles and hoots coming from the audience.

It’s funny. A name is what defines you immediately when you meet someone. Introductions, speeches, greetings – they usually start with: “Hello, my name is _____”. Some love their name, others loathe it.

Honestly, I do not care what my name is. Whether it has 4 letters or 9, 2 syllables or 4 – it has never truly mattered. However, I am proud to say I am a Child of the One True King. Knowing He is my Father, here for me through anything – regretful, sad, happy, joyous times. That is all that truly matters. Not my name, rather who I am to Him.

What love the Father has lavished, upon us that we should be called His children. I am joyous to say that my name is Child of the One True King.

Knowing I am changed and have been set free, delights me beyond anything.

May you all know that our Father in Heaven will always be there with you through anything. Just trust.




The Five Purposes of a Purpose-Driven Life


I realize that I don’t spend enough time reading His word and setting time aside to reflect His love and grace throughout each day. That will change. I hope that by the end of these 40 days I will feel a stronger yearning and love for our creator while at the same time, reflect and apply these principles.

Daily Inspiration for the Purpose-Driven Life; let’s begin.

For our time on this earth is short. But we were put here for a reason.

1. Worship: To express and praise our love for Him. To bring Him pleasure, and to fear Him, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for.

2. Fellowship: To be with brothers and sisters and become a family whom lives to spread His glory and gospel throughout the nations.

3. Discipleship: We are placed on earth to become more like Him and show others the grace and mercy God shows us.

4. Ministry: We are God’s workers to do good works; which He has equipped us with the talents and skills to accomplish.

5. Evangelism: We are to spread His gospel to all nations of the earth.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” [Matthew 28:19-20 NIV]

God will shape us. He will make us flourish. We will be blessed and never be thirsty. He is our everlasting God.


The tips of Music

Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly doing enough for Him. Is He satisfied with how I am living out my life; given the second chance I was. Am I truly craving Him in everything that I do, in everything I say, in the people I meet, in the words I speak? Can I do more?

My fingers onto those keys; hearing the voices quickly but quietly guide through all the octaves; a sense of empowerment it is. I’m very, very, grateful to the Lord for granting me a pair of hands that can produce beautifully spoken dissonances through the notes on a piece of paper. Reading the curls and dots that each note portrays and translating it through the fluid motions of my fingers pounding up and down on the numerous keys; I’m grateful for this. Although at times life overwhelms me with the dreaded deadlines and written exams, when I am chosen as one to serve with my hands to touch those around me with the wonderfully composed hymns and songs, I am thankful.

I pray that the Lord will continue to watch over those whom serve in their church. May we spread His glory throughout. May He bless each one of us with power and strength to show our faith through all that we may do. May He

open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.
Isaiah 42:7

Blessings to another Sunday!

His purpose will prevail

However prepared we may think that we are for the year to come, or for the next 4 years, or 6, something will always eventually pop up out of the blue and blow our actions out of proportion. We may think, we’re on the path to success and our whole life is mapped out. But then it’s exactly at these moments that we forget about including Him in the big picture. We forget who put us here in the first place, who gave us all this, who made it all possible. But just knowingly acknowledging Him and worshipping Him isn’t enough, we have to center our lives on Him. I know this is hard in a world where smartphones rule our time 70% of the day. Our generation is one that misses out on the grand things that are right in front of us; but who can we blame but ourselves? Chasing after the latest fall fashion, the newest notebook, or getting that 100% in that class. So many distractions that pry us away from spending time with our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s work that much harder in this year to come! His purpose ultimately will prevail.