To The Good Old Days

I was reminded by a dear friend today of something very important. Morals of life always seem to pop out at me at the weirdest and yet, coincidently, important times. I thank her for this wisdom which she bestowed upon me.

Why make life difficult? Why make it stressful for oneself when you can bathe in happiness, without it even being of your control? Why must you exert control over everything you touch or see? Is it worth the misery of wondering “what-ifs” and “however’s”?

Let me to let you be happy. To be fortunate in all that you do. But let our paths align for as long as it possibly can. I think you are one amazing being, and with the smiles you direct at others, it is a blessing to have known you personally.

Let us be of who we were of once. To the good old days when we were innocent and kind, gentle yet firm, and also curious but present. Let us dwell in the times of innocence. Gentleness. Reminiscence of vowels. Reminiscence of sounds.

Have you heard this before?


What If


The original movie title had been coined “What If”, but in theatres throughout North America, it had undergone the name change to “The F Word”. For some, upon first hearing the title may believe it to be implying the swear word, however, in actuality, it is referencing “friend”.

This movie revolves around the friendship of two Torontonians – Wallace & Chantry. After Wallace discovers Chantry has a boyfriend, he decides to not continue the friendship, as he believes nothing will come out of it. However, circumstances bring the two back together, and quickly, the audience is drawn into the depths of the pairs’ instant connection in everything: Fool’s Gold, magnetic word conundrums, Whip Cream.

At parts where it is apparent the love that Chantry and her boyfriend of 5 years share is genuine, you cannot help but also root for Wallace to win over Chantry. It is also apparent that the pair occasionally work to restraint themselves to never cross the limits that are there out of respect for Chantry’s boyfriend.

Sadly, a friendship between a girl and a guy almost always, does hit road bumps.

It is bittersweet sometimes as throughout the movie you can feel the problematic thoughts that Chantry internally faces when she is around Wallace. Questions of following her heart or following her mind. Sticking with what is familiar or trying something new. We all face these dilemmas now and then, but never truly getting a definite answer of whether the choice we make is the correct one or not.

A simple and funny romantic comedy. Does it end happily? Or bittersweetly like many endings as seen before? I think this is a movie that deserves a solid 7/10 and for those new couples, or even for those friends whom are borderline “dealing” but know something more will inevitably emerge – hit the theatres for this Radcliffe-Razan love story, maybe it’ll be the push that opens up something new.

A short clip from the movie on how to make “Fool’s Gold”

Sentiment of a Friend


“I love you.”

These eight letters, three words are used very intermittently in our society. However, do we really truly know what love means? What exactly is love? Can we really compress all our complex feelings into this word called “love”? When exactly is it that you notice that your feelings towards a certain person have escalated to this emotion we deem love?  How can one who has never experienced “love” phrase all their feelings as “love”? All these questions are very hard to answer, but for most, these are questions that go through the mind at least once in a lifetime.

At times, it is very hard for people to differentiate their feelings of friendship from love.
At times, questions such as “Are we merely just really, really, really good friends?” and “Or is this what they call “love”?” dominate our minds.

Love ultimately has no single definition; it is certainly different for every person since every person is unique. But suddenly, one day you’ll realize, you want nothing more in this world than to be with that person. No one else fazes you like they do, no eye contact from anyone else takes you in that moment than theirs.

Every moment you live passes you by in an instant. Once you hit real life, it’s going to ramp up like never before. This is an important concept to grasp. Because dating in the “real world” is different than it is now.

One day, you may see a pretty girl at a coffee shop, in a class, at a bus stop, and your window suddenly becomes a lot smaller, the stakes a lot higher, and your chances a lot lower. Realization of life being a fleeting journey, and the possibility of ending up cold and alone, scares you out of your wits. Then you realize, the only thing that matters is if you enjoy the ride with somebody else, and you slowly begin to not care what anyone else thinks; the only thing that matters is if you make a great moment for yourself in front of her.

So you talk to the girl. You don’t try and “assess” her first, you don’t try and meet her through a mutual friend; No, you walk up to her, as a man and she as a woman, and you smile as you introduce yourself. And you see her for her, and all the wonderful things she represents, and you focus not on how you present yourself, but more on discovering the girl from the inside out, what she likes, who she is.

Because you’re never going to meet her again. Ever. You’ve got one chance to meet someone wonderful, and that’s it. More people will come and go, more chances will open up along the way, but none with her. You’ll move along the river while she stands on the never-ending shoreline. And every other pretty girl you see, everyone you meet, definitely has the potential to be someone truly perfectly special in your life. She could be someone so perfect for you, so wonderful and amazing that you’re never the same again.

Or she could not be. But the only way to know is to speak to her. If she’s just not that into you, you’re in the same position you were before, and you can look to the next pretty girl you see, smile, and introduce yourself. Because you have no “what ifs”, no “I should have had done (this) instead”, no re-do’s. Rejection is hard, but when you realize all that life has to offer, it’s not rejection, its just life. And that’s okay. Be you, live life to experience every moment, and find out who you are and what you’re really searching for. And if, in this moment, you want to go talk to a girl, walk up to her and do it. It takes a tremendous amount of courage, and it can be a waste of your time, but at least you’re a man, and at least you tried.

A very good friend of mine’s short piece. He’s a truly amazing writer.



How do you evaluate if one has lived a good life? Is there a marker towards the different degrees of achievement? Some say it’s on what you have done for others, the relationships you have started and kept, the humanitarian causes you have supported, and maybe even the riches and wealth accumulated. If you were to look into a mirror that mirrored the endeavors of your life, would you be satisfied? None of us brought anything into this world when we came, and will take nothing when we leave. Personally, I believe it’s the mark you leave behind in this world when you depart.

When I see the happiness and respect surrounding a certain individual, there is joy in seeing the interpersonal achievements of friends. Bliss, towards knowing they’re blessed with many to live life out with, through hardships and delights, she will have someone. And to be sincerely happy for someone is a personal achievement for me. To know they have lived a good life, that makes me happy.

Following through


A take-out for me is probably what a certain someone reminded me of yesterday, the importance of consideration in the links of friendship between two people. Maybe most of us have been brought up and grown with the notion that our actions reflect upon ourselves, how others perceive us, and to treat others how we want to be treated. Even with those reminders, there are still some who struggle with keeping up on their end of things.

Like birds who may fly in groups, or meet up with their beloved at the end of a long day, they will always have another to depend on when needed. What if relationships with others were that easy, the sole purpose in life to treat the others as your best, to ensure they are never lonely nor hurt, and just to delve in the happiest things in life together?