What If


The original movie title had been coined “What If”, but in theatres throughout North America, it had undergone the name change to “The F Word”. For some, upon first hearing the title may believe it to be implying the swear word, however, in actuality, it is referencing “friend”.

This movie revolves around the friendship of two Torontonians – Wallace & Chantry. After Wallace discovers Chantry has a boyfriend, he decides to not continue the friendship, as he believes nothing will come out of it. However, circumstances bring the two back together, and quickly, the audience is drawn into the depths of the pairs’ instant connection in everything: Fool’s Gold, magnetic word conundrums, Whip Cream.

At parts where it is apparent the love that Chantry and her boyfriend of 5 years share is genuine, you cannot help but also root for Wallace to win over Chantry. It is also apparent that the pair occasionally work to restraint themselves to never cross the limits that are there out of respect for Chantry’s boyfriend.

Sadly, a friendship between a girl and a guy almost always, does hit road bumps.

It is bittersweet sometimes as throughout the movie you can feel the problematic thoughts that Chantry internally faces when she is around Wallace. Questions of following her heart or following her mind. Sticking with what is familiar or trying something new. We all face these dilemmas now and then, but never truly getting a definite answer of whether the choice we make is the correct one or not.

A simple and funny romantic comedy. Does it end happily? Or bittersweetly like many endings as seen before? I think this is a movie that deserves a solid 7/10 and for those new couples, or even for those friends whom are borderline “dealing” but know something more will inevitably emerge – hit the theatres for this Radcliffe-Razan love story, maybe it’ll be the push that opens up something new.

A short clip from the movie on how to make “Fool’s Gold”


Love grows

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Sometimes when I look at you and see you smiling, it’s like strings tug at my face to reciprocate that smile. And then I wonder, within this world of where people you meet come and go like the pennies you flip into a fountain hoping for wishes to come true, what is the possibility that you can meet someone that can do that to you everyday and more? Is a lifetime of loving someone possible? Or will they eventually leave you because

people change, feelings change. Although it doesn’t mean that the love you once shared wasn’t true and real, it does mean that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart. 

And this may happen all within the span of 500 days. The reality of this happening to him and many others, is something I can never truly understand, in the face of what we call true love.



As I look up and see those string of lights, it reminds me of so many things, events, memories, people. It’s ironic isn’t it? People walk into our lives. Only a select few are meant to stay, and the rest, you’ll find are only meant to teach you something about yourself, and then ultimately drift away. How do we hold on? How do we slow their steps?

Those lights as they shone, gave me a sad sense of warmth of those days. But better days will come, I just know it.