Remember who you found among those winding streets and chilly frosts of air that stemmed from your chuckles as you gasped and laughed. Remember who you decided to leave behind – not by choice, but by another taking the reins for you. Remember.

Stray far from that person who used to be overtaken by so many fears and anxiety. Forget those that wrapped their hands around your lungs. Persevere. Strive. Smile. Move forward. No, even run.

Jump and feel those wings lift you higher and higher up. Away from that which bound you before and realize you aren’t the same; and will never be again. Because you chose our Father. You choose, everyday – to let Him lead your every step. There is certainty in what He decides, and that is where your calming heart is planted.

Dam Square


Age of Adaline

This movie was released on April 24, 2015 in theatres across North America. I am usually the one friend to go with when love stories hit theatres. Additionally, this movie featured one of my favourite actresses: therefore, how could I miss out?

Straight up: I thought from watching the many trailers online, this movie would be right up my alley for tragic love comedies. However, it was much too slow for my liking. I believe this movie would be interesting for those whom like the slow shooting of movies and the explanation of every detail that lies behind every character, relationship, and storyline.

There were times when the scientific explanations were not carried out well. And other times when certain characters acted in extremely unusual ways.

However, I do not think I will spoil the movie any further for those whom are planning to watch this film.

To summarize: this movie is for moviegoers whom enjoy rustic and elegant backdrops, costumes, and old-Englishian styles of movie shooting. It is a bit slow at times, but the storyline is appreciative of the romance the 2 main characters share.

Movie Rating: 3.5 stars

The Year of 2014


Another year. Another memoir. Today is the first day of a new year. 2014 has finished. All the stories, the memories, the happiness, the sadness, the tears and the joy; has finally come to an end. With the start of 2015 comes a new year of successes, journeys, missions; paths for us to take. If you think back to the year of 2014, how would you describe it? Would it have been a year of joys of reuniting with family, a year of success with the utmost happiness finally achieved, or the sadness of having failed yet again at something you really wanted? Or that one love who you thought would finally be in your hands, but had to let go off due to circumstances out of your control?

For a large portion of my life, I had thought of love as the driving factor for many decisions and paths I took in life. I felt that because I had found peace and belonging in our Lord, I was to take the view of every and anything in this world with a loving heart. I was to be humble, patient, giving, caring, honest, sincere, and above all, loving in all that I did. At times, I would feel extremely guilty because I often felt that I was not doing enough due to the lack of physical results. However, I had a friend remind me that although tangible successes can be reassuring, the everyday interactions and relationships continually being built upon also help one in bringing fellow Christians closer to GOD.

I hope 2015 will be a year of changes. Changes of being outside of the box, of trying new experiences, of being a new “me” and standing up for what I believe in and doing what I want. But also taking into consideration the consequences of my actions unto others.

I want to become more godly. I want to. Because I believe in the process of becoming more godly, I will inspire fellow brothers and sisters and I will be inspired. GOD has great plans for everyone; this is true I know.

Happy New Years everyone



Never Waver


Today’s the day where I will recognize that I need to work my butt off to achieve that which I truly want. Nothing rarely comes without effort. And sometimes I forget that little point. We being in a society where things are handed to us so easily with our voice of one command. We need to rid these thoughts and not be so disappointed when failures happen. Instead we mustn’t give up nor be discouraged, but understand, with each fall or trip, we have the power to stand up and walk further with the strength we all presently have within ourselves. Motivate yourselves by seeing that which you desire being presented in front of you after your hard work. And know that you deserve every little bit of it. That is your reward.

You exist in me

is a new song which I’ve discovered on our beloved Youtube website that has virtually every video available in this world. This song makes me reminiscence the first times; the first time we met, we laughed, we worked together, we grew together, and apart, but ultimately coming together again. It really has felt like a dream meeting you. Amongst all the people in this world, I was fortunate enough to meet you in the time that we had together. You brought out sides in me that I never thought existed but was glad in discovering.