365 Devotions [Thankfulness]


The Power of Being Thankful: 365 Devotions for Discovering the Strength of Gratitude 

I am very fortunate to have such a broad family of sisters and brothers in Christ. I had received Joyce Meyer’s “The Power of Being Thankful: 365 Devotions” from a dear friend as a “late-Birthday-early-New-Years” gift. I have been trying to read the daily devotion every night before I go to sleep. I love the feeling of dwelling in God’s words before I drift into my deep slumbers.

Though I have not been as consistent as when I had started (January 1st, 2015), I have slowly been pulled back. I realized that although life is oftentimes, extremely busy and full of roller-coaster whirlwinds, having the opportunity to take time out of each day to give thanks for what I have and for the people in my life, is extremely important.

I hope to never forget that which I feel entitled to have, because never is anything really “mine”, but what the Lord Himself has blessed me with.

I had written a sentence or two in my phone so that I may carry it around at all times with me. Either it be to cheer me up on a down day, or to give a word of wisdom to friends whom may have been struggling – I am glad I understand and have come to know the power of being grateful.

I hope that these words encourage or motivate you to do even greater things in life! May the glory be wholly His.



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