150208 – In Unity We Build

Nehemiah 6:1-15

Through God’s power, anything may be done. With God’s grace – under the leadership of Nehemiah, the wall of Jerusalem was built in 52 days.


The 4 Characteristics of Unity & Leadership

1. A compelling purpose
With a purpose, life does not seem bleak. Through loving our God, loving our neighbour, making disciples in His name, and spreading God’s Word, we find unity with those whom we connect with, and create leadership in our community.

2. A clear perception or perspective
With fear, our perception is clouded. We lose track of what is truly important – making disciples in His name. With our minds clouded with fog, we cannot make the right decisions. Call upon His name today, and give everything up to Him.

3. A continual prayer
Pray, and don’t give up. Pray, to get strength from God. Pray, to receive the utmost faith in God to not give up.

4. A courageous persistence
Move ahead in spite of any troubles that lie down in your path. Move ahead despite fear or obstacles. Do not run away from danger, but know God is always with you. Follow God always – and He will lead you out.

The main thing is to keep the main thing (GOD) as your main thing!

Knowing the will of God and living out the will of God – you will see a difference.