Give God the Reins

August 30, 2015: Living a Balanced Life [Pt. 2]


Seven Principles of The Balanced Life

Build my life around Christ (Matthew 6:33): Know and love God for He was the one who loved first. If you have talents or abilities, serve God with your utmost effort.

Accept my humanity (2 Corinthians 4:7): Don’t neglect what is on the inside for we were all created unique.

Limit my labor (Exodus 20:8-10): Don’t be overwhelmed – God wants you to serve, but also have time to reflect and grow.

Adjust my values (Mark 5:37): Influences are all around, but let God guide your engrained values.

Nourish my inner life (Psalm 119:16): Your spirit is vibrant and growing – nourish it well so that it grows alongside outer appearance and your spirituality.

Commit my daily schedule to God (Psalm 31:15b): Be flexible – give God the consideration to change your schedule.

Enjoy the moment (Ecclesiastes 3:13): Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. You can and should enjoy what you have worked hard for.


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