150222 – The Power of God

Acts 3:1 – 10

As we live each day, we become closer to crucifixion, and the more miracles that will appear. God confirms his promise to us with signs, miracles, and wonders. They all point to Jesus.

By attending church, we are hearing His Word, and we see His power in the works. It is God’s power that changes people’s lives. For without His power, Christianity becomes an ideology. The power of God is received and given through prayer. Total restoration happens as we become a brand new person, who is no longer spiritually devoid, but filled with His grace & glory.

The 5 lessons He gives us is:
i) Power flows when God is present -> His presence <-> Us
ii) Speak the Word of God
iii) Power flows when there is expectancy
iv) Power flows when there is a right of authority
v) Power flows when he receives the glory
vi) Power flows where faith is released

The greatest message we have today is hope.

We are called to love, for love & faith work together. It is a visible expression of our confidence in God = act of will.