150103 – Lean on God

Press On!
Philippians 3:12 – 16

Today’s sermon was a small introduction into what 2016 holds for everybody. Although everybody probably has aspirations and dreams for what they want to accomplish and who they want to become, there can be certain obstacles that hinder or obstruct what one wants to attain.

Some tips for pressing on:

  1. Face my faults: by facing and reflecting on one’s past failures and successes, one can be able to look for areas of improvement before moving on to the next thing. Without looking for ways to change for the better, successful people may falter in not having a clear sense of direction.
  2. Forget the former, let go of your past: although past failures may make you afraid or fearful of similar opportunities, and past successes may distort what seems easy, by letting go and starting with a clean slate – it gives one an open mind to be challenged.
  3. Focus on the future: be focused on the one priority in life – God. If you are able to divert your focus on one single thing, you will be better prepared to face whatever challenges that may surface. Your concentration will be like lasers – only one thing guides you in your endeavours.
  4. Persevere in your spiritual journey

By being humble, attainable, and teachable, you are only moving forward in your journey of learning.

You can never truly be done learning. For those whom strive forward only look towards what they do not know, and welcome it with open arms. For they know, knowledge does not overwhelm, but only enriches what they already know.

And can you see all that you can accomplish if you set your mind to it?