Knowing God Personally

I recently joined a Christian ministry part of my educational institution. Although I feel I may always hold the most personal part of me with UW’s ministry, because that was where I met people whom held in my heart, and whom lifted me up when I was broken; left out and unheard of by many others.

We had gone through this little booklet that was produced by an external supplier. It focuses on how we are to integrate our story with God’s integrate God’s story wholly and fully, into ours. For He is the center of our lives; the center of everything.

tumblr_nb7l9sLGxT1te19n1o1_250Each one of us has a story. A unique story. Yet, beneath the differences, it seems as though there are some universal themes. Points of intersection, like the way we constantly search for something beyond our present experience.

Could it be that our desires imply that there is more than our current experience? Could it be that these desires show us that we were created to know God? 


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