Bedside [Friday night]


This “identity issue” is an important part of living the abundant life. Jesus was able to face the incredible demands of his mission because he knew exactly who He was. He knew that He mattered to God, and that gave Him confidence to move purposefully in faith.

If we identity ourselves with Christ and we will have the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Each of you is God’s precious child, and He created you in a way that pleases Him.

  • To move purposefully in faith, we can be certain that because our Father loves us greatly, we do not have to be afraid in any of our endeavours for He gives us strength. Know that we all have a will that the Lord has given to each and every one of us. Regardless of if we are walking on that path now, we all eventually will find it; we cannot turn away, for it is written, we will do His works.
  • I always feel the Holy Spirit working in my life. Wherever it is that I may be, or whomever I am with, I can see that He is watching over me. During times when I am sad, I only need to cling onto the hope he has bestowed upon us, by giving us life and sending His son – I do not need to be afraid, for He is always with me. To be able to see change in others around me, I give thanks. I give thanks that He has given me the opportunity to do what He has commanded us to, while living each life according to His goodness, grace, and in His image.

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