Abroad in England

Wow, I’ve been thinking about this time for quite a bit. More preparing than I had imagined, and a lot harder than I would have thought to settle in. But it’s funny how much one may prepare for an event, only to realize that some things just don’t get any easier with, even with the utmost amount of “deep-breaths in, deep-breaths out; repeat”.

I have learned to lean on my Father a lot. From navigating the largest airport in Europe to figuring out how to get a ticket and onboard my bus to the University, I am very thankful for every “coincidental” trip I have managed to take. Getting me to where I am now.

I will miss those back home a lot (and still currently do). But I will take these next 4 months at face value, and take any opportunity that comes my way. If I am always in my comfort zone, how can I confidently step forward as a daughter in Him, when I (hopefully) share His/my story with the world?

Here’s some tidbits amongst the terribly fun, yet nerve-wracking chaos of a first day in the UK!