Simplicity [Rend Collective]

I was recently introduced to this lovely tidbit of a song from one of our awesome P&W leaders. As he had brought this song up, he had mentioned that at first he thought this was a love song. He had thought this song to be a love letter to a beloved.

The lyrics are beautiful. My love for my Father is great. I cannot imagine loving anyone more than Him. His love for us is what gave us the breath to breathe today, the ability to wake up. His will is what made me exist in the first place.

“To worship you, in spirit and truth, only you.”

“You’re the reason I sing. The reason I sing. Yes, my heart will sing. How I love you.”

Please, enjoy this song on this day that our Lord has created for us.


Friday Bliss

If you would like a tune to pair along with your rainy days:

Hi y’all! Another weekend is hitting us up!

I’m so thankful for this third week of schooling in yet, another new University. I always feel extremely blessed with all the opportunities and doors that the Lord opens for me. Though I may not always feel as if I am at my ‘A’ game, I am glad for all the falls, trips, pushes, and even stumbles that I have managed to skip over.

Today, yet another coincidence. These happen quite often nowadays. Thank the Lord!

My friend has managed to record and is releasing his song next week! I am utterly proud and happy for my friends and their accomplishments.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and joyous Friday afternoon!

The Imitation Game Movie

For some, this movie may seem to be too much of an intellectual and “thinking” – type of film to see with friends or “for fun”. My opinion? This movie makes you think; in a way where you are always on the edge of your seat to want to know what is coming next, what the characters will attempt to do, to be, to want.

The storyline, although not completely representative of the life Alan Turing led, is tied up nicely and portrayed with a delicate yet believable touch.

If you have the time or curiosity to go see this film, please do. It is worth every second. Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley served this movie justice, tenfold.

Matt McAndrew – Wasted Love

I had really loved this song by Matt McAndrew, a finalist on the Season 7 of the television show “The Voice”. He is able to portray raw emotions of intensity, love, lust, sadness, and much, much more, in the songs that he delivers to the audience.

What would it feel like I wonder. If you had believed your love to someone to be true; however you discovered that all the time you put unto them was for nothing. That they had held someone else dear in their heart. And everything that you did for them was useless; because they will always hold you second to someone else.

Wasted love. Is it wasted if at that moment it was truly what you thought would be love that lasted throughout all of eternity. Always and forever.

Kris Allen – Lost

This song is so dark and haunting; so raw and sad.

Are you lost now? Do you know where you’re heading? Does anyone know or care about what you do?

When I was lost, I didn’t think I would be able to find my way home. Home to those whom loved and cared for me. Whom wanted the best for me. To conquer this which I didn’t think I would have the strength to.

He will place His will for you to find. And when you do, you will rejoice. With everything you’ve got.

Taylor Swift – Riptide [Vance Joy]

“This cowboy’s running from himself, and she’s been living on the highest shelf.”

I have never truly embraced Taylor Swift’s songs as I am one who does not like the “poppy” music that everyone else seems to be so into. I want grit. I want soul. I need something that you came up with when you were immersed in inspiration, when you felt beauty, love, care, and understanding, all at the same time.

Swift had caught my attention and kept it with this song she so beautifully covered.

Will you please continue doing these, heart-wrenching, endearing covers?

The Giver


The Giver, by Lois Lowry. Movie adaptation based on the well-known, well-loved novel was released in theatres August 15th, 2014.

For those whom have read the book in its entirety I feel are at an advantage to those whom go into the theatre exposed to Lowry’s dystopian storyline which encapsulates the characters and us, the audience, in grey and emotionless settings.

Though the storyline may seem strange and out of order for those whom do not have any background on Lowry’s intentions, I found the actors’ and actresses’ acting were spot on. Fionas’ confusion towards those newfound feelings which flood through her as she missed her morning injection. Jonas’ pain and sadness upon feeling pain and suffering. Gabriels’ laughter and happiness upon experiencing love and kindness. Money ultimately can never buy any of these intangible things.