You Changed Me

I was someone who didn’t really appreciate the happiness that flowed within me. This joy and excitement that I experienced deeply when I was with you – it was almost like a part of me had came back to life.

The certain times that I was with you, I was clutching my sides because I could’t stop smiling, laughing, and truly be me. You made me feel as if there was hope. You were happiness itself, and you allowed me to see that it’s possible to be happy without much.

  1. The first time I swung by where you only occasionally were. I told you about the news that would eventually become my life for the next 4 months. I was nervous, excited, and of all – stressed. But you reassured me that I would be fine. Everything would turn out well. I held onto the encouragement you shared with me. We shared more laughs and I went on my way. I believe that was the first time I came to know of someone that made me laugh in unpredicted ways.
  2. Your mature ways were set. Your perspective was shaped by the 4 years that you had on me. You were someone who had positive traits that I only wished I could encompass. Inspiration for me which I had been seeking for quite some time now.
  3. Your way with words. How you were able to have an expansive vocabulary that would make me want to learn, just to keep in pace with you. Emulate, as you would say. The level of success one encounters is difficult, but with you – only motivational.
  4. I saw you in the stairway. But I did not approach you because I could only think of another. Was this a mistake?

I want to become someone like you. But also someone that is defined by her own priorities and values. Because though you are someone so radiant that only your light shows in the times of darkness I experience, I also believe I contain rays of light, though slivers they may be – to light up others’ paths.


  1. A social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling.
  2. Someone I have grown to care dearly for. But not romantically as I believe there can be different levels of admiration mixed with intimate presence.