The end of the ride 160514

How quickly it takes for me to move on. For me to become intrigued by someone out of my reach. Always out of my reach.

What is it about desire? Desire to know of you, your interests, your quirks, your weaknesses, but most of all – what makes you run. You never stop at anything and that is something of entirety to never be overlooked in another person.

Over dinner yesterday with a dear one, we were implicitly discussing the effects you had on me.

You are great. Someone kind and generous. Truthful but not relentless. Happy at the right times. Caring in the quiet days.

My eyes they are becoming tired. Tired of always searching for and looking for where you could possibly be.

I used to be relentless. But I believe my calling of somewhere else has become too strong to ignore. And I promised to devote this Summer to Him – which I intend to uphold to the best of my ability.

Ceilidh B. •  won’t you take care until we meet of next? When I am finished what I hope to accomplish this Summer. And when I become someone worthy to challenge you to squash.

A simple hawthornia, how it drew me into you and all that you reminded me of.