I am Happy.

In these past weeks, it seems that everything is speeding up. Almost going at the speed of light… but not quite.

I have been quite happy on some days. Seeing a loved one, right after another. Catching up and hearing about their accomplishments and happiness. Being able to be right beside them, filled with joy in seeing their faces, hearing their voices, and being in the moment.

Passion can come from instances where one least expects it. It really doesn’t appear to me that disappointment may fall short. But what I fall short in, I only make up in something that is the opposite of what I have become well-versed in.

Oh how silly when I think back to when I was young. The foolishness of my dreams and goals. How far away and distant in memory they seem now.

I miss my friend. He is on my mind. But it is a different kind of reminiscence. A funny and peculiar fondness that I am at peace with.

A special name that I have encountered twice in my life within the span of 1 month. Will this turn into something special?

Let’s leave it into my Father’s hands, shall we?