All The Times of Ceilidh


This rings true on too many occasions. It’s as if you’ve permeated the billions of neurons in my brain and mesmerized them so that they only focus on you. 

But I’ve now realized that you were merely a lesson in this complicated and messy life of mine. I still thank you for the many encounters.

April 1. It was so sunny and bright. To have those occasional glances with you made my day.

April 2. I have always wanted to take up biking. But now I see similar bicyclists in a different light.

April 5. You asked for my opinion. I wanted to play hard to get; but eventually I caved because I wanted to see you wear my favourite colour when you played your favourite sport.

April 6. Today I was beyond words in missing you.

April 7. I saw the fern and only thought of you.

April 8. You were a bit mean in regards to my presence. But your expansive vocabulary still draws me in during times of ignorance.

April 11. I wanted to give you what I prepared. But you were not there.

April 12. Seeing those flowers made me want to buy one for you.

April 13. I told someone about you. I still feel as if I am embarrassed by this fact.

April 15. Shockingly, your routine in playing squash, football, soccer, etc. was not surprising. It motivated me to want to become someone that also matched your passion in being active and excelling at sports. I believe now that we weren’t meant to be more than acquaintances; but I am still grateful for that.

May 14. It has been almost a month since I have last seen you. Surprisingly, you are still very intensely woven into my thoughts throughout the days. I have somehow sacrificed a part of myself in want of you. Unbearably sad but I’ll heal I believe.

October 11. Congratulations Ceilidh! You have finally finished. I wish you the utmost amount of luck in pursuing the endeavours in which you dream to achieve. For you will always remain the best and brightest one I have come to know. Above all others.

Ceilidh B.