2016 + 2018

I want 2016 to be a year where I focus on my Father. He has always been the center of the Universe, from when the Earth was created, to when we were created, and even to this day, this hour, this minute.

I thank God for everything that I was given through Him. I thank God for the life that flows through me. I thank God for the ability and opportunity to do all that I put my mind towards. He is the strength that I was so desperately searching for within people, within works, within the “joys” of life. I put my mind at ease, knowing He is always with me and believes that I am capable of great things.

In his name, I will always walk forward. I will look in anticipation of opportunities that will arise when I may talk about Him and the glory that comes with being his disciple.

This world so vast. I can only see so far. But my Father holds everything in this Universe in a fingertip.


GJW: “People’s hearts can’t change like a calendar, just because a month has passed.”

SHR: The things you have done: two papers, the click of the low-heater, only makes me realize there are also kind-hearted people out there who are searching. Waiting for that person to be by their side. (12.16.2016)

MC: “Finish what you started. You will be happier once you have, trust me on this.”

RH: “You’ll have realized that even though you managed to do everything by yourself. At the end of it, the tiredness is due to your lack of reliance on God and His almighty strength.”

JC: “Don’t become too good at something you dislike doing. Otherwise, other people will keep asking you to do it.”