Who Am I?

Hello y’all!

I’ve only merely figured out this new feature of my blog. I had no clue how to add an ‘About Me’ page! Silliness and lack of curiosity is often my downfall. I’ll add trinkets of info about me here and there.

Any-hoo, must give a sound of thanks for those whom took the time to read some of my posts. If they’ve somehow brightened or enlightened your day, even better!

A musician who loves numbers like no other. An enjoyer of bright and delicious foods. An observer that loves her friends and family more than the seas of this Earth. A fellow who loves teaching and sharing her love of music with kids of all ages. Nature draws me in like nothing else. I love to lose time whilst hiking trails or walking through forests with my dearest ones.

I have come to become enlightened by those whom are truly passionate about what it is that they do. Their wisdom and love for the things unseen is great.

beautiful-red-tree-scene-1280x800 copy

June 19, 2017: I have been given the opportunity to travel this world, and I am forever grateful of this chance. I hope to annotate each and every one of my adventures for you. While abroad, I discovered many new places, learned of different cities and come to know of it’s citizens – on more than a surface level. God’s creation remains beautiful, across all corner of this earth.


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