Barcelona • Enchantingly Historic

Within 2 weeks of meeting new friends from all across the world, we decided to embark on our first trip in Europe: Barcelona, Spain! As most of us have never been to Europe before, our bucket lists consisted of the most “popular” and “must-see” cities. We stayed for 4 days… and were pretty awed from the moment we stepped into the city, until we left.


The first landmark we encountered was Casa Batló. It was immediately to our left, as we stepped out from the Passeig de Gracia train station. Barcelona’s architecture differs quite a bit from the Georgian style I was used to in the UK. You could also see the years that the buildings had sustained as the style and texture had an ancient-like feeling.

While being there, I learned that the people were very divided. Not everyone agreed with Spain’s government and did not unite in their national identity. I noticed there were different flags strewn on the balconies of the various apartments, and this invoked a curiosity that led me to researching the apparent divide. Although I would warn travellers to be careful of their belongings, as one of my good friend’s wallet did get pick-pocketed.


You can never have too many paellas in Barcelona…

Barcelona being close to the port allowed us to have some of the best seafood around. Safe to say, even though we had seafood paellas, pasta, and risotto about 3/4 of the nights there… it tasted amazing, every single time! The best drink around was the Sangria, which came in big cups or even jugs.



Too many decisions!

One delicious restaurant I would recommend to all travellers deciding to hit up Barcelona would be in the district of Dreta de l’Eixample (will find the name!). The seafood, served cold or grilled – was AMAZING! I think I especially liked that evening’s dinner as we went after biking all around Barcelona and it’s beautiful coastlines. I am glad that I was able to have bike adventures in this city due to its wonderful pavements that allowed for long excursions and also the time I got from bonding with my friends, over falling bikes and breath-taking views.

FullSizeRender 2

Overall, I think Barcelona was a great introduction city for most of us as it taught us the importance of being protective of your belongings, really letting the night life sink in while there, and the joys of travelling with a group of friends whom were relatively new in their friendship life – but still very responsible towards one another.

Here’s some of our happy pics. We jumped a lot. Because we were joyous in not being bound by assignment deadlines and textbook readings. Oh, the freedoms of exchange!


My favourite 4 (missing Hoyhoy!)


Barcelona, Spain • February 23-27, 2017

Why do I choose to collect snowglobes? Maybe it’s similar to the reason of why my face lights up when I see snow. Unpredictable, yet it eventually does arrive. Maybe on a day when you least expected it. But always making that day more special than the last.


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