Praise, Praise, Praise!

Praise! Praise! Praise to the Lord, our great Creator! He who made all, who breathed life into us, who formed us from the dust on the ground beneath our soils to living, walking creatures. Oh, He is great. Prayers are always heard when spoken to our Lord. He hears us and though sometimes it may seem as if we are alone, we are not; He is with us through any and everything. Especially demonstrated through the praise-worthy poem “Footsteps”, it illustrates that we are never alone, the Lord walks with us through every hardship and struggle we have in life. 

I thank the Lord. He has made my voice just that notch louder today. Though it still isn’t my original voice, seeing progress as my voice slowly returns is an amazing thing to witness. Our Lord’s great power towards restoring my voice to speak in this world. 

Never take for granted anything in life. It was never yours to begin with. Our Lord gave it to us, but he can also take it away any second. The next step you take you may end up on the ground, clutching for your next breath, wondering how it had come down to this. But our Lord is merciless, he has grace, he is love. 

Even through unimaginable circumstances he is there with us. It is our faith in Him that saves us. Be thankful for all that you have. Don’t waver in your faith for Him. Be proud that you are a child of this great and almighty God. 

He is love. Let me learn to become the child whom he has paved my path to go with this life. Let me lower my burdens and worries unto Him. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34.

May we remember to keep Him as the focal point of our lives, striving to do all that please Him and to help others along their journey in getting to know and love Him deeply. 


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